7 countries get the highest salary ... Read information about the 7 countries

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

7 countries get the highest salary ... Read information about the 7 countries

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There will be someone who does not want good salary. People who are employed in the world want them to get a better package. If you also expect a good package and are ready to work anywhere in the world, then we tell you about where the best pay is given to the countries.

1.Austria: A great example of how much importance should be given to people in any country is Austria. High-level institute works in Austria. After tax deduction in Austria, the annual mean salary is $ 31,173. In Austria, 49.4 percent tax is required for income and social security contributions.

2. Australia: Australia is considered to be a country for oil and mineral. In Australia, one person receives an annual salary of $ 31,588. This salary is 27.7% after tax deduction. Australia has to work 36 hours a week.
3. Canada: The largest resident of the country after Saudi Arabia is Canada. Canada has a large repository of zinc, uranium, gold, nickel and aluminum. After tax deduction in Canada, the average annual salary is 29,365. Here 31 percent tax is deducted and 36 hours a week have to be worked out.

4.America: America is at the forefront of the highest paid countries in the world. In the United States, after 31.6% tax, one person gets $ 41,355 in salary.

5.   Norway: Norway is believed to be among the world's richest countries. This is the reason Norway has natural resources. In Norway, oil, hydro power, fishing and mineral are also found. In Norway, 37% tax is deducted from the salary of those who are working, and then the average annual salary is $ 33,492. Norwegians also get extra money to work extra hours.

6.  Germany: Compared to other countries, Germany gets less pay, as Germany's people pay taxes 49.8% and this is why Germany is a powerful country of all Europe. The annual salary in Germany is $ 31,252.

7.  Switzerland: Switzerland is regarded as one of the most noble countries. It is also known for government transparency, economic viability and human development. A person working in Switzerland has an annual salary of 33,491. Here also week working hours are scheduled. It has to work only 35 hours a week.

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