Easy way to generate Driving Licence at home

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Easy way to generate Driving Licence at home

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If you can not make your drying license even though you try often, you no longer need to worry. Now you are going to get the facility of getting a home-based drying license soon. The most special thing is that you have to spend only 50 rupees to get this facility and within 15 days you will get your drying license to your home. For this you only have to make a call. After the start of this facility, you will not be able to get rid of the RTO.

First of all this facility will be started here:
The house will be started in the capital city of Delhi, the first facility to become a drying license of Rs 50. The Delhi government has already started preparations for this. Running a Delhi government plan, you will have to apply for a drying license by calling a helpline number. After that you will have a mobile accessory at your home, which will fill you with the drying license form and upload the required documentation scans. After that you will have to give a drying test, whose date will be provided to the mobile assistant. You can decide the date of the test according to your liking. After passing the test, your driving license will reach your home within 15 days.

This service started in Delhi has been started in Delhi. After the success of the project in Delhi, it will be implemented in the whole country. If this service is implemented throughout the country, then the general public will not be required to make the RTO pad, as well as the corruption spread in the RTO and the release of the brokers.

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